OZ-DMR Network – Australia

We have just added a new server in Australia. Before we can release it for use by the the wider Amateur Radio Community, we need to find a human presence in Australia to handle the promotion and assist with the running of the server.

If you have linux (Debian) experience, Current Amateur Radio Licence, and would like to get involved with the running of a DMR server, please get in touch using our email form Contact OZ-DMR

DMR Network Server Status

We have just finished adding a page that reports the status of all the servers on the FreeDMR network including OZ-DMR.

We have also add a Telegram page that will report when a server is OFFLINE or unreachable due to an error in the system. The telegram group can be found at https://t.me/FDMRstatusBot

OZ-DMR Reflectors

OZ-DMR has been busy setting up reflectors for you to use.
There is dashboards for following:

      • XLX
      • YSF
      • NXDN
      • P25
      • M17

All have been bridged to OZ-DMR TG 23595 except P25 and M17.

The BRIDGING of P25 and M17 hasn’t been completed but will be bridged when time permits.


We are proud to announce that we now have added D-STAR and NXDN to our group of cross-mode reflectors. Anyone wanting to access our DMR Talk Group 23595 can now do so. Below is a table to show how you can access our talk group

YSF 23595
NXDN 23595
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