The OZ-DMR Network was setup to give users a better way of accessing DMR in a way that is easier to use. Users can select their own Talk Groups and select them as and when they want, using any access method the user chooses to. The main factor is that network interference and/or loops are not created causing the network to degraded.

We currently have OPENBRIDGE (OBP) connections to other server to help eliminate outages though the network. This has been setup in a MESH arrangement

We are currently bridged with the following:




We may look at getting other OBP connections to other servers at some point in the future but will talk to our upstream network partners to determine if that is of benefit to OZ-DMR and the network as whole.



Web Site has been tested at Qualys SSL Labs and the results is displayed below


Thank You


OZ-DMR would like to thank Simon G7RZU for his continuing work in developing and supporting the FreeDMR Server project. Also for supporting OZ-DMR with technical help when issues arise.

The FreeDMR Server project can be found on GITHUB @ hacknix/FreeDMR Wiki (github.com)