Droidstar – Installing the Vocoder

The droidstar vocoder plugin filename must be named vocoder_plugin.platform.arch where platform and arch can be any of the following: platform: linux, darwin, winnt, android, ios arch: x86_64, arm, arm64

The Files: http://www.pizzanbeer.net/plugins/

vocoder_plugin.android.arm – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.android.arm64 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.darwin.x86_64 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.ios.arm – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.ios.arm64 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.linux.arm – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.linux.i386 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.linux.x86_64 – Direct Download – pCloud-Backup
vocoder_plugin.winnt.i386 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup
vocoder_plugin.winnt.x86_64 – Direct Download – pCloud-backup

Two methods for installing these files have been reported working.

First Method: Written by F6CYK; Video by Bejoy. Within DroidStar you click on the Settings tab and at the bottom, you paste the URL of the Vocoder plugin. You choose between the ARM or ARM64 plugin for Android depending on the device you have. Once you have pasted the correct plugin in the Vocoder URL area, you press the Download vocoder button (located below). If that doesn’t work, you repeat the operation with the other plugin.

  • Choose the plugin (arm or arm64)
  • Select Copy link address
  • Go to the Settings menu of DroidStar
  • In the Vocoder URL box (at the bottom of the Settings page) paste the link

Second Method: Downloaded and placed in the standard Download location for the given platform:

  • Linux: ~/Downloads
  • MacOS: ~/Downloads
  • Windows: C:/Users/User/Documents
  • Android: /storage/emulated/0/Download (typically referred to as Internal storage -> Download