Connecting Hotspots

General steps on connecting RF based Hotspots/Gateway or Repeater to the OZ-DMR Server.

Steps to connecting your device.

The following is the general steps to connecting a hotspot (MMDVM Host, Pi-Star, OpenSpot, DVMega) to our server. For specific settings/configurations please visit support pages in the menu above.

1. Have a 7-digit Radio ID issued by and assigned to you and your call sign.

2. A password in you hotspot configuration is not required on OZ-DMR. But if you wish to include one, you can use “passw0rd”

3. Configure your HOTSPOT by selecting the master, and the completing the OPTIONS section. Use our OPTION CALCULATOR and the Talk Groups pages for OZ-DMR and FreeDMR (See the DASHBOARD) to help you select which talk groups you want to keep as static talk groups.

4. Configure your DMR Radio to communicate with the Hotspots/Gateway or Repeater. Generally, Radio and Hotspots need to be set to the same frequency, color code and talk groups setup you wish to communicate on using the CPS and uploading it into the radio.