Author: oz-dmr

ECHOLINK Addition to TG 23595

We are in the process of adding an ECHOLINK node to TG 23595. This is being added to give users another option to listen to the various audio news services.

Th upside is that users can now chat to analog users and DMR user alike. Feel free to give it a try.

The audio news link-up is still causing a few small issues but that will be sorted shortly

We will update you when these issues have been resolved

RSGB GB2RS Podcast

The RSGB GB2RS Podcast has been moved to TG 2350. This is to give the maximum possible listening audiance for the FreeDMR Network as a whole. This will be monitored for a few weeks and an evaluation will conducted as to whether it is left on TG 2350 or move to another TG.

Please show your support and let the admin’s at FreeDMR know if you like the audio news and if you would like it to continue

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