OZ-DMR NETWORS is your network. Built for you to use the your way you want. We hope that you enjoy using OZ-DMR and support us.

You can do pretty much anything you want to do while connected to us. BUT, whatever you do, be mindful that there are other users on the network and please don’t degrade the network or create loops by connection RF devices on the same frequency close to each other.

Also, don’t make connection from OZ-DMR to other systems without getting permission first. Users that do this will find that they are no longer welcome on our network. You have been warned and there are NO second chances. OZ-DMR is partnered with FreeDMR and will also abide by the guideline set out by them.


Who is FreeDMR ?


FreeDMR is the freedom for Repeater/Gateway Keepers and Hotspots Users to have full control of what happens instead of being told what has to go where. We look forward to a great and bright future. FreeDMR is a DMR Network for Amateur radio users around the world. The FreeDMR website is http://freedmr.uk/


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